Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! šŸ˜€

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Spring Break

Spring break is almost over. It’s almost sad. At least it’s nice out.

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Living at Home

People don’t like being called immature. Yet they have no difficulty calling me immature. I’ll end up ranting later — right now there are people in the room and I’d rather have privacy for my rants. This hypocrisy is ridiculous.

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Test Anxiety

I have two tests and a quiz tomorrow. Well, today, since it’s after midnight. I can’t sleep.

Naturally, I also have a two-page informal essay response thing due promptly at 9:30, which I haven’t completed yet because I’ve been studying for this damn test on Genesis.

I’ll probably work until 1:00, shower, and go to bed. That might work. I need at least three hours of sleep to function, so I could pull a 3:00 if I haven’t gotten the homework done. Hopefully that would give me enough time to print it in the morning–it should, since I cut a good fifteen minutes off my morning routine by showering tonight instead of after sunrise tomorrow.

Deep breaths. I can do this. I can do this. I met with a study partner person yesterday. It’s just three passages. Identification of passage, speakers, context. How the passage characterizes the speakers. How the passage is relevant to two major motifs. Motifs are easy. Identification is easy, unless I need to know individual chapters. I didn’t need to know the individual books in Metamorphoses, though, so it’s unlikely.

Ick. I hate tests. I’ll probably be watching a lot of Friends tomorrow.

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Three Dogs

My grandmother’s dog is staying at my house. He’s cute, and he tries to be good, but he can be a pain. He’s also solidified my belief that two dogs is fine, but three is much too many. Granted, he’s the only really high-maintenance dog in the house, as Little Dog is the calmest dog I have ever met and Big Dog is thirteen years old and just can’t run around like she used to. I need to go cuddle with Little Dog now.

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Little Baby Tree



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Phosphorescent Jellyfish

Clarissa says that “Unless we force ourĀ mindĀ into new directions, it will grow moldy.” The part of me fighting against my depression agrees. I’ve already changed a lot of things, but it isn’t enough. I’m still in the process of reworking my life, and it’s very difficult, to say the least. It’s very much a day-by-day battle. Sometimes it’s even a minute-by-minute battle.

And so I have started a new blog dedicated to the eradication of my own intellectual and mental stagnation: Phosphorescent Jellyfish. I’ll still be posting here–this is, after all, an important outlet for personal reflection. I just think a change like this is refreshing. I’ll be posting there at least once a week, highlighting things that are outright new, or that are just new to me. The focus will (likely) primarily be in the sciences. Anything on my personal research project will likely show up both here and there.

I haven’t decided whether this will be a permanent change from this blog, or just an addition, so for now it’s an addition. I guess we’ll just have to see where it goes.

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