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Project 363

Since I appear to have missed my chance to take full advantage of Project 365–or Project 366, because 2012 is a leap year. So I’ll be attempting to do my own version. The key points:

-The goal is to post at least once a day for the remainder of the year.

-I probably won’t be able to post once a day for the whole year. If anybody’s noticed, I haven’t exactly posted at all this semester. The reasons are many, but most of the time I’ll just be doing homework. The life of a physics major is full of work. Yes, that sounds like an excuse–but it’s also the truth, and I’m not going to college to blog.

-A heightened work schedule also means less time to think about what I’m posting. If something seems inaccurate or illogical, tell me. Usually I can catch it myself, but if I’m working on less than six hours of sleep a night for more than two nights, something’s going to go–chances are it’ll be my coherency.

-Who knows? Maybe I’ll manage to improve on style, consistency, language, etc.

Happy New Years, everybody!

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