I got the job…now what?

21 Apr

I’ve learned three things while trying to look for a place to stay this summer:

1.) Nobody likes to sign on a freshman, because there’s always the chance that freshman will be lying when they say “yes, I am over eighteen.”

2.) Nobody wants to sign on a single, or put a single person in an apartment with a smaller group when there are bigger groups out there.

3.) People think it’s really cool to be a freshman with a research assistantship, but make no effort to help that freshman find suitable housing. Instead, they will ask that freshman if they can live on campus, without regard to the fact that it costs a thousand dollars to pay for on-campus housing (not including food) and the freshman’s full-time job just doesn’t cover that cost.

All I need is a place to sleep, people! I don’t party. I don’t do drugs. I don’t drink. I don’t even have a car. Since I’ll be spending a decent portion of my time on campus, I don’t even need television or internet. To be honest, most of my summer will be spent in a lab doing research; when I’m not doing that, chances are I’ll be reading or writing or hiking.

I need to find a place in the next three weeks. If I can do that, I can worry about how I’ll get food and visit family and whatnot after I sign. If I can’t, then I honestly have no idea what I’ll do or where I’ll put my stuff. I can’t commute because I a.) don’t have a license and b.) don’t have a reliable way of getting out to the college. I can’t spend all my income on housing because I’m saving up for next year’s summer classes. And I can’t live on campus because it’s just too much money. /rant

Do you know what I’d love right about now? Research student housing which costs less than the regular student housing by about half. But somehow I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

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