Hunting for a Job

09 Aug

For the last few weeks I’ve been conducting a job hunt. I’ve been looking everywhere in walking distance of campus, because I don’t have a car and bus schedules can’t always match job schedules. This means I spent lunch one day wandering all over town and campus asking about jobs. I learned a few things in doing this:

1.) There are drawbacks to small towns. There are so many people who don’t hire at all, and others have already hired by the beginning of August. Still others are looking for full-time applicants. I only ran into one of this last type, and I left with the thought that if you set up shop in a college town, you are invariably going to get solicited by students for part-time jobs. In the end, I got two “Come back in two weeks” and one “we’re taking resumes, but we’re probably not hiring.”

2.) Almost every single good on-campus job goes to someone with work study. There are always a few exceptions, of course, but those are difficult to find. I applied to all but one non-food service jobs available to someone who doesn’t have work study, for a total of two completed applications, one application still in process, and another whose application hasn’t come in just yet.

3.) You can do a lot in an hour. I spent a whole lunch break in town and on campus hunting for available jobs. Just an hour. In that time, I learned that the worst that can happen is that people say “No, we’re not accepting applications.” The people in town were very nice about it, and those who never hire seemed flattered that I’d asked. By the time I actually got a “Come back in two weeks,” I was still in very good spirits for someone who’d gotten rejected ten or fifteen times. It was probably the most productive lunch I’ve ever had, and I didn’t even eat anything.

Now I have good news, but I have to wait because it’s only tentative. Stay tuned.

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