29 Oct

Things I realized yesterday:

-I’m depressed. I probably have been for the last two or three weeks.

-I have a friend at school who I see on a regular basis. Maybe two. But most definitely one.

-This human emotion called friendship* is the best thing in the world.

-I really like World of Warcraft.

The feeling of being depressed is horrible. But today I’m feeling like pulling myself out of it. So I’m making a list of things for which I am proud. I don’t know if this will help, but right now I think it might so I have to do it.


-I got out of bed this morning.

-Even though I completely forgot about course registration, I managed to get into all the classes I wanted to take (Gravity and Abstract Algebra FTW!).

-I went to Classical this morning.

-I identified an ODE as non-separable.

-I identified that same ODE as inhomogeneous.

-I realized that having a friend means I have someone on this campus who actually believes in me and cares about me.

-I realized that even though I kind of hate myself for not catching on to the fact that I’m depressed sooner than I did, the fact is that I DID catch it, and now that I know I’m depressed I can do something about it.

-I resolved to turn this semester around. It might have started out pretty crappy, and it might feel crappy right now, but it can get better.


What are you proud of today?


*Points for guessing the reference.

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