10 Nov

Thing’s I’ve learned on this trip so far:

-From the sky, Chicago looks like a red, brown, and gold forest.

-Chicago’s O’Hare airport has a dinosaur.

-It also has the most sanitary public bathrooms I have ever seen.

-The earth is pretty when you look at it from cruising altitude.

-Chewing gum on a five or six hour flight hurts my jaw.

-Denver is about one thousand feet higher in altitude than back home.

-That persistent headache and lightheaded feeling I had from the time we landed to the time I went to bed yesterday was altitude sickness.

-The smell of marijuana gives me a headache.


-Standing at 11,000 feet on the Continental Divide is PRETTY AWESOME.

-Not getting to hike after being promised hiking is not awesome at all. It is in fact the complete opposite of awesome.

-Not having free internet in my hotel room is extremely annoying.

I’ll probably elaborate certain points separately in upcoming posts. In short, Denver, and Colorado in general, is amazing. I definitely have to come back at some point to do more hiking. And now I really want to climb a mountain. I’m finally getting over my altitude sickness, which is nice because I don’t particularly feel like being sick for the conference. I’m just too excited right now to make a really good post. This week is going to be AMAZING.

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