10 Jun

Another short post today while I edit the long post. My thoughts have been going everywhere at once lately. It’s a lot to get used to again. I’ve been stuck in this weird linear thought mode for the past few months, so it’s weird being able to think about a lot of things at once and make the kind of connections I used to make.

Part of this week’s homework is to identify my signs of depression. I guess the linear thinking is kind of an early one, since it also happens on bad days that are just bad days. I get a sort of dull heaviness that makes it difficult to make the connections I need to make. I answer questions wrong, and not because my mouth isn’t coordinated with my brain. Rather, I just can’t think of the answer. I forget things a little more easily, and it makes me feel stupid. A whole string of bad days like this, all in a row, just make me spiral further down. It doesn’t go away as time passes.

It seems to be fading now, though, at least a little bit. It’s such a good feeling, if a bit overwhelming at times.

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