12 Jun

I’m reaching the point where I have to decide how exactly to organize my books. I’ve been thinking of separating fiction and fiction series, and then sorting nonfiction alphabetically by subject. Or maybe by specialty? A general physics book should go before a nuclear physics book, and the general quantum mechanics books should go before the nuke and solid state books–sorted alphabetically by author, though, or by publication date? And that’s just the nonfiction, which encompasses mostly textbooks.

If I have two books in a series that run parallel to each other, do I defer to the title or the publication date? The same goes for multiple non-series books by an author. How in the world do I classify an anthology? Should they get their own section? Do I go for title, publication date, or the first author listed? Do I separate by genre, with similar books shelved near each other, or by title or author? And what in the world do I do about the books that only fit on specific shelves? Do I center everything around those books?

I’m pretty sure I’ve got an Atlas of Middle Earth in here, too, as well as some game guides. Where do they go? Or if I’ve got multiple books associated with a series but not actually in the series–such as the Middle Earth atlas–how does that get sorted? Do I sort it with The Lord of the Rings, or do I sort it under Tolkien? And what in the world do I do when I run out of shelves? Getting rid of books is not an option. I’m far too attached.

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