27 Jun

I finally remembered what I was supposed to say last time. I’m trying to shake my apathy for all things academic, and in doing so I’m doing research. Not physics research, since I don’t really feel up to that yet. I’ve decided to just sort of pick something and go with it, and to take any tangents I might come across. This should, in theory, keep my mind moving into a bunch of different avenues at once, which should help with making connections. I’ll be looking at all the sources I can get my hands on.

I thought a lot about what I should start with. I decided to go back to an old and forgotten interest: plague. It was the Newsflesh books that did it, I think–I started thinking a lot about the believability of the disease Grant sets up in her books. It reminded me of reading a rather graphic book about the yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia in primary school (a book I will be looking for in the near future). I also remembered an article from Global II about the Black Plague. I was a very morbid person from about eleven to fifteen, and things like this–the more graphic the account the better–fascinated me.

I decided these things still fascinate me. I’ve also decided that the 1300’s are a much more interesting time period than the late 1800’s. So I’ve begun to read about the Black Plague. At the end of every week–excluding next week, since I will be without internet–I will post something about what I’ve been researching. I haven’t studied biology in college, so I expect there will be a lot of very basic reading involved. This is very much an information-gathering sort of project.

Since I’ve been working on structuring my daily life, I propose the following schedule, beginning the week after next: on Mondays, I will post about fiction things I’ve read. On Fridays, I will post about my research. If this doesn’t work out, I’ll change it. But I think having some sort of small schedule will help me remain focused, and give me something to talk about.

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