19 Aug

I can’t fucking talk to my dad about anything anymore. He’s absolutely convinced that whatever I say, I must be wrong. Why? Because I’m younger and get my news from different sources. He called it “idiot news” tonight, and claimed that “there are facts you can’t possibly know about the [Ferguson] case.”

I’ve been following the case pretty intensely. I know the stories behind the information he claims must be true–because it comes from a cop. What the hell don’t I know about it that he does? I’m not saying I know everything. But everything he’s talking about has been dismissed by pretty much everyone because it completely contradicts all witnesses and video evidence.

When the hell did my dad get to be like this? He didn’t used to be that way. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t even point out a simple fact. He doesn’t bother listening to proof. He hates it when I try. I got hilariously “grounded” that last time we had a disagreement. Who cares if I’m younger? I can read. I can understand things. Yet to him, I’m too stupid to understand anything he talks about.

I know I have self-esteem issues. I constantly think I’m stupid. But when you blatantly insult my intelligence, that shit’s going to get ugly. I may consider myself to be stupid, but that doesn’t mean you can get away with calling me stupid. ESPECIALLY without proof of the fact. “I’m older so I know everything” does not, never has and never will constitute valid evidence.

Dare to fucking treat me like a person. Support your thesis.

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