An Experiment in Tone

20 Nov

I admit, I am guilty of putting question marks at the end of statements. It always seemed like the most polite thing to do. But lately I fully realized that the stigma of a woman actually showing confidence is a stupid cultural power play. I’d known this intellectually for a long time, but I’d never really formed an opinion on the matter. It was more of an interesting aspect of the world I lived in.

So now, deciding it was an absolutely stupid thing, I’ve changed the way I’ve worded my emails (not all of them at the moment, just the ones relating to school). I still have a lot of verbal instances where question marks happen, but verbal habits won’t change without my thinking habits changing first.

I’ve had interesting results. People are more straightforward, more blunt. Part of me finds this upsetting. The other part of me finds it extremely satisfying. Of course, that could be partly because I was finally able to get the override I needed. A week-long event of being directed elsewhere is pretty annoying. :p

(I contacted Placement Testing, was redirected to Advisement, and again to Admissions, and again to Registration. Oh, how I long to actually go back to the school I’m used to.)

And now, after this ill-fated practice in writing without editing, I will go to bed.

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