Test Anxiety

24 Mar

I have two tests and a quiz tomorrow. Well, today, since it’s after midnight. I can’t sleep.

Naturally, I also have a two-page informal essay response thing due promptly at 9:30, which I haven’t completed yet because I’ve been studying for this damn test on Genesis.

I’ll probably work until 1:00, shower, and go to bed. That might work. I need at least three hours of sleep to function, so I could pull a 3:00 if I haven’t gotten the homework done. Hopefully that would give me enough time to print it in the morning–it should, since I cut a good fifteen minutes off my morning routine by showering tonight instead of after sunrise tomorrow.

Deep breaths. I can do this. I can do this. I met with a study partner person yesterday. It’s just three passages. Identification of passage, speakers, context. How the passage characterizes the speakers. How the passage is relevant to two major motifs. Motifs are easy. Identification is easy, unless I need to know individual chapters. I didn’t need to know the individual books in Metamorphoses, though, so it’s unlikely.

Ick. I hate tests. I’ll probably be watching a lot of Friends tomorrow.

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